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Visa for Medical Stay

A medical stay visa is issued to international patients and their accompanying person(s) for medical treatment in Japan.
KIH provides total supports for application of visa for medical stay.

Registered guarantor

As the registered guarantor, KIH guarantees patient’s identity during his/her stay in Japan.

Visa for medical stay issuance support

Smoothly, we arrange visa for medical stay for patients receiving treatment in Japan.

Get medical examination certification

We one-stop issue the necessary documents for visa for medical stay application.

About Visa for Medical Stay

About KIH

As a member of Kaikoukai Healthcare Group, Kaikou International Healthcare Corporation utilizes medical resources within the group and cooperates with medical institutions throughout Japan, especially Aichi Prefecture, to provide full medical checkup for foreigners visiting Japan as well as coordinating medical consultation and treatment for international patients. We support in Chinese, English, and Indonesian languages.


Medical Checkup

Your own health is the most important to have a comfortable life.
Health and Prevention will be the key words in the future society. It is possible to have various medical checkups and examinations at the medical institutions within Kaikoukai Healthcare Group. KIH offers suitable medical checkup and examination menu as a contact point for inquiries and reservations for foreign national medical examination applicants.

PET-CT medical checkup We aim for early detection of cancer by comprehensive medical checkup using PET-CT. See more
Full medical checkup For medical checkup here See more
Cardiac checkup This is an examination to use cardiac ammonia PET scan to detect myocardial ischemia. See more
Endoscopy Gastroscopy and colonoscopy for digestive organs check See more
Cardiac catheterization examination It is an examination to check the blood vessels of the coronary arteries for narrowed areas or clogged areas. See more

We also offer other various medical checkups and examinations.

See all medical checkups and examinations


KIH offers medical coordination considering several methods of treatment according to patient’s symptoms and requests.
In addition to medical treatment introduced below, we can arrange other treatments within Kaikoukai Healthcare Group as well as other associated medical institution. Please feel free to contact us.

Focused ultrasound (FUS)

It is a treatment for tremors with an unknown cause “essential tremor” that uses MRI imaging and heat-coagulates the lesion with focused ultrasound.

Cancer treatment

We provide treatments such as stereotactic radiation therapy and hyperthermia.

Travel dialysis

We provide dialysis treatment for dialysis patients who stay in Japan for a short time on business trips or pleasure.

Drug lag

It is a treatment for some diseases using drugs that have not been approved or used in abroad.

Patients can undergo other various treatments.

See all treatments
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about medical tourism.