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Acceptance Records

Here are some examples of patients who have used KIH so far.

Exercise therapy and nutritional guidance for diabetic patients

Guidance about changing medication and nutritional management method.

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Travel dialysis patients

Accepted group dialysis patients travel from Taiwan.

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Surgery for patient with skull base meningiomas

One of the most difficult diseases to treat in benign brain tumors.

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Postoperative rehabilitation for a cerebral infarction patient

Medical institutions inside and outside the group support rehabilitation.

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Living kidney transplantation and health care

The treatments were conducted in cooperation with medical institution inside and outside the Kaikoukai Healthcare Group.

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Treatment for asthma patient

The name of the disease that was told to be unknown, was found to be asthma, and treated in Japan.

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Examination and treatment for a patient who has digestive disease

An unknown caused digestive disease was clarified by endoscopy.

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