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Postoperative rehabilitation for a patient of cerebral infarction

About patient

Patient: Chinese man (10s)

In 2015, he had a cerebral infarction in wide range of right cerebrum. He visited to Japan to undergo postoperative rehabilitation.

Support of each institution

Kaikou International Healthcare

  • Introduced Hospital F in Aichi Prefecture to the patient.
  • Agent service for visa application
  • Airport transfer
  • Introduced a rental apartment during his stay in Japan.
  • Interpretation during his stay in Japan.
  • In the case of unexpected matters (ex. fall and fracture), we arrange for the patient to visit plastic surgery of Hospital F and have medical examination at Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital.

Support for Hospital F in Aichi Prefecture

Rehabilitation treatment

Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital

Emergency support of 3D-CTA examination for head and neck


Although the scheduled rehabilitation was suspended on the way, the treatment has completed at the end and he returned to China with his family.