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KIH offers medical coordination considering several methods of treatments depending on patient’s symptoms and requests. In addition to the medical treatments introduced below, we can deal with other treatments not only within Kaikoukai Healthcare Group but also at the other associated medical institutions. Please feel free to contact us.

Focused ultrasound (FUS)

It is a treatment for tremors with an unknown cause “essential tremor” that uses MRI imaging and heat-coagulates the lesion with focused ultrasound.

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Cancer treatment

We provide treatments such as stereotactic radiation therapy and hyperthermia.

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Travel dialysis

We provide dialysis treatment for dialysis patients who stay in Japan for a short time on business trips or pleasure.

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Drug lag

It is a treatment for some diseases using drugs that have not been approved or used in abroad.

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Diabetes Control Hospitalization Program

This is a program for diabetic patients to learn blood sugar control with daily life guidance.

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