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Diabetes Control Hospitalization Program

Current situation of diabetic patients in China

China has developed rapidly in recent years and their lifestyle and dietary habits have been dramatically changed. Consequently, the number of diabetic patients becomes the first place in the world, and there are over 113.9 million diabetic patients already in China. Currently, although they focus on prevention of diabetes and early treatment with the whole country, the diabetic patients tend to take their blood sugar control and lifestyle improvement lightly due to the shortage of treatment methods and therapeutic drugs, and lack of knowledge for complication of diabetes.

Purpose of “Diabetes Control Hospitalization Program”

In China, the diabetes treatment is mainly known as blood sugar control, medication, and insulin administration. On the other hand, “Diabetes Control Hospitalization Program” of KAIKOUKAI method, combines wider range of treatments based on our knowledge and experience.
We support patients with a team of experts to help them understand diabetes well, cope with diabetes well in the future, and manage by themselves to prevent getting worse or causing complication.

Aim of “Diabetes Control Hospitalization Program”

We conduct treatments combining clinical test with medical dietary therapy, exercise therapy, and high concentration carbonated bath therapy and support the patients for a goal to acquire healthier lifestyle habits (diet/exercise/healthcare) in addition to comprehend their own health conditions.
Through lecture, training, and practice, the patients are instructed the guidance which are easy to keep practicing not only during hospitalization but also in their daily lives after returning to home.

Features of “Diabetes Control Hospitalization Program”

We decide examination items after medical consultation, then we start the program.

Comprehensive imaging diagnosis

In “Diabetes Control Hospitalization Program”, depending on the patient’s conditions, we conduct cardiovascular tests such as ammonia PET scan which examines ischemic cardiac disease, electrocardiography/echocardiogram to check cardiac movement, or lower extremity artery ultrasonography to check symptoms of arteriosclerosis obliterans and provide comprehensive medical guidance including exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle based on the result of the examination. Also, cancer test using PET-CT scan is possible as needed.
※The specific items and contents of examination may be changed depending on the patient’s conditions.

Guidance of medical exercise

Proper exercise therapy brings highly effective to prevent and improve diseases such as arteriosclerosis, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and cardiac diseases.
We get a grasp of patient’s detailed physical conditions accurately by clinical test tools and create a custom-made exercise program for each patient.
Moreover, utilizing Cardiopulmonary Exercise test (CPX), we create the safest and the most effective exercise program based on scientific evidence.
We also assess body composition (body fat ratio/muscle mass) and arteriosclerosis (ABI/PWV).

During cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPX)

Medical nutritional guidance

We grasp patient’s physical and clinical conditions, create a nutrition plan for each patient, and conduct nutritional guidance individually by nutritionists. We support patients by checking their dietary habits and measuring current intake to make them approach their proper weight gradually. The dietary therapy we recommend is more in detailed and easy to practice. It is possible to add cooking practice in the program. During hospitalization, we offer you to take proper energy and necessary nutrition for your health from hospital meals and learn appropriate amount by eating.

This is an example of well-balanced meal. (Total energy is about 650kcal)
Medical nutritional guidance

High concentration carbonated bath therapy

High concentration carbonated bath therapy has significant effective on improving blood flow, shown in our long-term and extensive clinical practice and research. For example, carbonated foot bath helps peripheral arterial disease (PAD) patients avoid amputation of lower extremities and improve prognosis, also full body bath is effective for a treatment of chronic heart failure. Taking high concentration carbonated bath for 15 minutes every day has been proven to have a certain effect in improving blood flow of lower extremities, insulin resistance, sensitivity to cold, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, skin disease, tiredness, preventing and improving cardiac disease, and beauty effect.
As an adjuvant therapy of diabetes management, high concentration carbonated bath therapy is provided for Lifestyle Disease patients.

High concentration carbonated bath therapy
Carbonated water generating equipment
※Purchasing is possible if you would like to keep using this equipment at home.

Examinations related to diabetes/complication conducted by KAIKOUKAI Program. (The examples below)

Items Targets
Diabetes Blood test  
Abdomen CT Find abnormal parts in the body
Fundus Diabetic retinopathy test
Continuous glucose monitoring Measure blood sugar continuously at a certain interval and grasp fluctuation of blood sugar level
Cardiovascular Electrocardiography/Echocardiogram Check abnormality of cardiac movement
Ammonia PET Presence or absence of myocardial ischemia
ABI Assess blood flow disorder of lower extremity
Echo of lower extremity Test for arteriosclerosis obliterans
Cancer PET-CT Early detection of cancer
Daily life guidance Nutritional guidance/Cooking practice Guidance of a dietary therapy which is easy to practice and nutritional guidance to know proper amount
Exercise therapy Plan and practice for safe and effective exercise program based on scientific evidence
High concentration carbonated bath Provide high concentration carbonated bath therapy which attracted attention as an adjuvant therapy
Medical interview/Consultation Medical interview (check medical history/chief complaint), daily life guidance, explanation about the result, etc.

※About the test items above, a specialized doctor will determine whether or not to conduct, depending on the patient’s medical history of diabetes, chief complaint, and patient’s conditions.

Diabetes management team

We handle with team members who have specialized knowledge of diabetes from various fields. The team has doctors, nurses, clinical technologists, pharmacists, also, nutritionists, instructors of exercise therapy, and clinical engineers, and they will support you in each situation.
Experienced interpreters always support to communicate with you so that the effective program can be performed sufficiently. Office clerks also support you flexibly.