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Drug Lag

Drug lag is the time difference or delay between the development of a new drug and its approval of use as treatment for patients. It also refers to a situation that the start of using a drug has been delayed in Japan because the drug has not been approved in Japan, even though the drug is approved in overseas.
Especially for intractable disease patients, drug lag is an unbearable problem.
In China and Southeast Asian countries, drugs are often approved later than Japan, there are some situations that they cannot have treatment with the latest drugs. Patients who want to use the latest drugs which have not been approved in their countries for their treatments, have no choice but to have treatment in overseas or rely on private import.
The hospitals affiliated with Kaikoukai Healthcare Group, accept international patients for some diseases causing drug lag.

We have acceptance records for diabetes and hepatitis C virus so far.


For diabetic patients, Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital of Kaikoukai Healthcare Group provides not only prescription for outpatient consultation, but also one week hospitalization program. During the hospitalization, we conduct various examinations and prescribe medication which is suitable for patient’s condition. In some cases, by a doctor’s decision, we might be able to prescribe a medicine which is not common for use in overseas yet.

Hepatitis C virus

Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital of Kaikoukai Healthcare Group enables hepatitis C virus patients to have treatment using a new drug approved in Japan.
If hepatitis C virus is complicated by liver cancer, we give priority to cancer treatment. Furthermore, if the patients wish to have liver cancer treatment in Japan, it is possible to arrange for the treatment.
(For prevention of liver cancer, we may recommend you immunotherapy.)