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Focused Ultrasound (FUS)

What is focused ultrasound (FUS)?

Focused ultrasound (FUS) is a treatment for essential tremor (tremors with an unknown cause), which is said to suffer one in 10 to 20 people aged 65 years or older. Instead of craniotomy, MRI images are used to pinpoint the location in the center part of brain causing the tremor to be treated, and focused ultrasound is used to heat-coagulate the lesion. In the central region of Japan, Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital of Kaikoukai Healthcare Group is the only institution to facilitate this treatment.

INSIGHTEC ExAblate 4000

Features of FUS

This treatment is different from conventional surgical treatment, it is possible to treat by ultrasound without using scalpel, and there is no need to worry about radiation exposure. Furthermore, we can pay close attention to patient’s condition during the treatment; therefore, we can suspend the treatment immediately in case we find something abnormal such as side effects. Patients can be expected to return to work quickly because treatment and hospitalization are shorter with less burden on the body.

Result of FUS treatment for essential tremor

Before treatment
After 8th ultrasound irradiation treatment

※FUS is for people who have been diagnosed with essential tremor and have lower efficacy of medication.
※Effects of treatment vary in individuals.
※Even if you are diagnosed as essential tremor, treatment may not be applicable if the doctor deems that it is inappropriate due to the nature and shape of the skull, medical history, and other factors.
※Contact Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital to discuss the risks and side effects related to this treatment.