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About KIH

Kaikou International Healthcare Corporation (hereinafter referred to as KIH) supports international patients from countries such as China and South East Asia as a member of Kaikoukai Healthcare Group which has headquarter in Nagoya-shi, Aichi. We utilize mainly the group’s medical examination resources and working with other medical institutions. We can arrange a most suitable medical institution with patient’s demand and request and offer whole service such as scheduling of medical examination, visa for medical stay issuance support, payment agency for medical expense, translation, and interpreter.
Our well experienced and knowledge staff assist you in Chinese, English, Indonesian, Spanish and Portuguese languages with warm hospitality and promptly.

Outline of company

Company name Kaikou International Healthcare Corporation
(abbreviation: KIH)
Location of headquarter
4F Miraika Bldg, 3-2518 Nakajimashin-cho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Tokyo branch
3-1-10 Kamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Date of foundation December 24, 2013
Available language Chinese, English, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese
Main description of business
  1. 1.Coordinating for international patients of medical checkup, treatment, and examination in Japan.
  2. 2.Consulting service to overseas medical institutions for hospital management, maintenance of medical instruments, and building management systems.
  3. 3.Consulting service to domestic medical institutions to accept international patients.
  4. 4.Medical interpreter and translation service.
  5. 5.Other operations related to the above.
Medical institution in the group Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital, Kaikoukai Josai Hospital, Kaikoukai Rehabilitation Hospital, Nagoya PET Imaging Center, East Nagoya Imaging Diagnosis Center, Kaikoukai Central Clinic, Meiko Kyoritsu Clinic, etc.