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Medical Checkup

Your own health is the most important to have a comfortable life.
Health and Prevention will be the key words in the future society. It is possible to have various medical checkup and examination at the medical institutions within Kaikoukai Healthcare Group. KIH offers suitable medical checkup and examination menu as a contact point for inquiries and reservations for foreign national medical examination applicants.

PET-CT medical checkup

We aim for early detection of cancer by comprehensive medical checkup using PET-CT.

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Full medical checkup

For simple medical checkup

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Cardiac checkup

We recommend cardiac checkup combined blood test and physiological function test with cardiac ammonia PET scan for those who concern about their cardiac.

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Gastroscopy and colonoscopy for digestive organs examination

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Cardiac catheterization examination

It is an examination to check the blood vessels of the coronary arteries for narrowed areas or clogged areas.

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Cardiac ammonia PET scan

It is used to scan and check angina or myocardial infarctions.

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