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Medical Checkup

Full Medical Checkup

It is a type of medical checkup that we can find disease and organ abnormalities that are usually difficult to notice by taking close examination of each part of your body, from the preventive medicine perspective, regardless of the presence or absence of subjective symptoms.
This medical checkup is done in KAIKOUKAI JOSAI HOSPITAL in our group.
The full medical checkup in Josai Hospital mainly consists of brain checkup, combined blood test and all sorts of risk tests. If you choose Course A, you can also have nasal endoscope. For those who concern about lifestyle disease and a risk of cancer, please consider applying full medical checkup Course A. Those who have anxiety to exposure to radiation or whose ages around 20s-30s, do not need to have PET-CT scan because it is an optional menu.

Kaikoukai Josai Hospital

Full medical checkup Course A / Course B
1 Consultation Medical questioner, interview, lifestyle guidance
2 Physical Height, Weight, BMI, Waist
3 Ear check 1000Hz・4000Hz
4 Blood pressure Blood pressure at rest
5 Eye check Eyesight (naked eye, aided eye), Fundoscopy (fundus camera), Tonometry
6 Blood test Anemia, Liver, Lipid, Kidney, Pancreas, Diabetes, Goat, Thyroid, H.Pylori, CRP, Allergy【nonspecific IgE(IgE RIST)】
7 Urine test Protein, Glucose, Blood
8 Stool test Blood, Parasite (2 times) *One time is also possible.
9 Electrocardiogram (ECG) Regular 12 lead electrocardiogram (at rest)
10 Abdomen USG Gallbladder, Liver, Pancreas, Kidney, Bladder
11 Chest & Abdomen CT Thorax & abdominal tomography
12 Tumor marker Male: PSA (prostate), CA19-9 (pancreas gallbladder), CEA (digestive organ), SLX (lung), AFP (liver)
Female: CA125 (uterus ovary), CA19-9 (pancreas, gallbladder), CA15-3 (breast), CEA (digestive organ), AFP (liver)
13 Chest X-ray Front digital photography  
14 Gastrointestinal endoscopy Nasal Endoscopy  
15 Respiratory Lung vital capacity, Lung effort vital capacity, Lung vital capacity ratio, 1-second volume, 1-second rate  
16 Carotid artery USG Carotid ultrasonography  
17 Bone density Bone Mineral Density  
18 Cardio USG Cardiac ultrasonography  
19 Blood pressure pulse wave Atherosclerosis  
20 Brain MRI (Brain tomography), MRA (Cerebrovascular), MRA (Cervical blood vessels)  
21 Thyroid Thyroid ultrasonography, thyroid blood vessel examination  
22 Prostate Prostate ultrasonography *male only  
23 Gynecology Uterus and ovary ultrasonography *female only  
24 Allergy Specificity IgE (IgE RAST) 39 items (aspiration antigen, food antigen)  
25 ABC Check (Risk) Stomach cancer possibility Risk factor check  
26 Amino Index Check (Risk) Male: Stomach, Lung, Colorectal, Pancreatic, Prostate Cancer Risk factor check  
Female: Stomach, Lung, Colorectal, Pancreatic, Breast, Uterus, Ovary Cancer Risk factor check
27 Pancreas marker Elastase 1  
28 Heart failure marker NT-proBNP  
  • ●We provide an examination report in Chinese or English in 4 weeks (with CD images).
  • ●Time to come to hospital and required time ※It may be changed depending on the situation.
    Course A: 09:00am Required approximately 5 hours
    Course B: 1:30pm Required approximately 2.5 hours
  • ●The day of full medical checkup
    Every Thursday and Friday
  • ●Contents of allergy test
    We provide 39 items of allergen examination in Course A.
    ■Inhalable antigen (19 items)
    • ・Indoor dust: Mite, House dust
    • ・Animals: Cat, Dog
    • ・Insects: Moth, Cockroach
    • ・Trees: Cedar, Cypress, Alnus japonica, White birch
    • ・Herbs: Orchard grass, Timothy grass, Ragweed, Wormwood
    • ・Aeroallergen: Alternaria, Aspergillus
    • ・Fungus and others: Candida, Malassezia, Latex
    ■Dietary antigen (20 items)
    • ・Egg: Egg white, Ovomucoid
    • ・Milk: Milk
    • ・Wheat: Wheat
    • ・Beans/Shells/Seeds: Soybean, Buckwheat, Peanut, Rice, Sesame
    • ・Crustacean: Shrimp, Crab
    • ・Fruits: Kiwi, Apple, Banana
    • ・Meats/Fishes: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel
Notes for reservation

<Full medical checkup is not available if the following conditions apply:>
・Those who are pregnant, may be pregnant, or breastfeeding.

<Full medical checkup may not be available if the following conditions apply. We confirm the details in advance.>
・Those who have implantable cardioverter defibrillator, pacemaker, coronary stent, aneurysm clip, artificial joint, or intrauterine device in the body.
・Those who have bolt or plate when bone fracture or a lift-up gold thread inserted in face by cosmetic surgery, etc.
・Those who have something implant which is not acceptable for MRI scan (e.g. cochlear implant, metal heart valve, needle, magnetic colostomy, metal artificial eyes, etc.).
If you have metallic implants, please inform us with a confirmation sheet in advance and provide details of the product manufacturer, the model number and the material.
Examination may not be possible by doctor’s judgment. <Examination is possible, but please be sure to inform us if the following conditions apply. Your signature on a consent form is needed.>
・Having tattoo or permanent cosmetics (eyebrow, eyeliner, etc.).
・Wearing gel nails or extension of eyelash.
⇒ There is a possibility it will be burned or discolored depending on the color material. We make sure to get a signature on a consent form.
⇒ We recommend you to remove gel nails or extension of eyelash before examination.

We confirm about above items by a medical questionnaire and a metal implanted confirmation before examination.
We don’t have any age restriction for full medical checkup.

Full medical checkup procedure

1. Application

  • ・Check items of examination, fee and notes.
  • ・Please contact us about your desired date, number of persons and course by basically one and a half month before.

2. Coordination the date of medical checkup and payment

  • ・Make a tentative reservation for medical checkup.
  • ・Make payment within a week after an invoice is issued.

3. Fill out and submit documents

  • ・Fill out registration form, metal implants confirmation, medical questionnaire, etc.
  • ・Please check the contents of the documents and submit them to KIH.

4. Get a guidance of medical checkup and stool test kit

  • ・Get a guidance of medical checkup and stool test kit. (Basically, we need your stool sample for 2 days, but the sample for 1 day is also acceptable.)

5. Confirmation before medical checkup

  • ・We reconfirm your reservation just before the day of medical checkup.

6. On the day of medical checkup

7. Receive an examination report

  • ・Receive an examination report (in Chinese or English) and CD-ROM in 4 weeks.

・Please make payment after an invoice for reservation fee is issued once medical checkup date confirmed.
・Payment for reservation fee can be made by overseas remittance, bank transfer, or WeChat Pay.
・Reservation fee will be applied for medical checkup fee when you have medical checkup.
・If you pay by bank transfer, please make payment together in your group. (The remittance fee should be borne by the remitter.)
・In case we cannot confirm your payment by the due date except for any special reasons, your reservation will be cancelled.
・In case of cancellation within 30 days before the day of medical checkup, we collect reservation fee as a cancellation fee, and we do not refund you.
・Please let us know immediately in case you want to change the schedule.

・You can choose advance full payment or payment on the day of medical checkup for remaining fee.
・If you choose advance full payment, please make payment by overseas remittance, bank transfer, or WeChat Pay.
・If you choose payment on the day of medical checkup, please make payment by cash (Japanese Yen) or credit card.
・For the optional fee of colonoscopy, please make payment by cash (Japanese yen), credit card or UnionPay.

Notes for each course

【Common notes for all courses】
・Chest abdomen CT and abdominal ultrasonography are examined in the condition which bladder filled with urine.
Please be patient with urination for 2 hours before you come to the hospital. (You can drink water and sugarless tea.)

・You cannot bring magnetic cards, wrist watch, mobile phone, and any electronic devices.
・Please come to the hospital without any metal or gemstone accessories.
・Please come in clothes that are easy to put on and off, without any metal items or decorations.

【Notes for Course A】
・Do not eat anything after 9:00pm in the evening before the examination. (You can drink water and sugarless tea.)
・Do not smoke after 9:00pm on the day before the examination. (Smoking affects the result of examination due to increase gastric acid.)
・Please stop taking medicine for diabetes and insulin. Please take medicine to be taken by 6:00am on the day of examination.
・You will need to remove your contact lens before the examination. (Please bring your glasses, a case of contact lens, or extra lens.)
・Before you come to the hospital, please remove your make-up and nail enamel.
・You will need to take off your compress, thermal clothing and bra before the examination. Please bring extra compress if necessary.

【Notes for Course B】
・Please have light breakfast and do not eat anything after 9:00am on the examination day. (Water and sugarless tea are allowed.)