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Medical Checkup

Cardiac Catheterization Examination

What is cardiac catheterization examination?

Cardiac catheterization examination is an examination to insert a thin hallow tube called catheter from the wrist, elbow or groin to the coronary artery, and a contrast medium is injected into the catheter to visualize the coronary arteries. It is possible to grasp accurately whether there are narrowed parts or clogged parts in the coronary arteries, where they are in the blood vessels, and how narrow they are. The examination is to diagnose angina or myocardial infarction.

Ischemic heart disease and treatment

The most common heart disease is called ischemic heart disease (angina/myocardial infarction). Ischemic heart disease is a condition that the cardiac cannot receive enough blood flow.
There are some treatment methods for ischemic heart disease such as pharmacotherapy, coronary artery bypass graft, and a treatment method by dilating narrowed blood vessels using a balloon or stent to secure blood flow (PCI).
Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital of Kaikoukai Healthcare Group has been focusing on treatment in this field.

Balloon therapy

【Treatment procedure 】

1.Advance a balloon to the target lesion.
2.Apply pressure to inflate the balloon.
3.Reduce pressure to the balloon.

Stent therapy

【Treatment procedure】

1.Advance a stent-equipped balloon system to the lesion.
2.Apply pressure to inflate the balloon.
3.Remain the stent in the body.

Records of Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital

  in 2016 in 2017 in 2018
The number of diagnostic catheterizations 736 600 492
PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) 194 218 207
EVT (endo vascular treatment) 468 310 182
EPS (electrophysiology study) 51 12 8
Pacemaker implantation 14 15 17
The number of cardiac CT scans 248 246 185
The number of echocardiography tests 4231 4209 4026
The number of ECG (electrocardiogram) 3039 3101 3130
The number of lower extremity and carotid ultrasonography 4425 4161 3405
As of September 03, 2019
*The year is expressed as a business year from April 1st to next March 31th.