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Acceptance Records

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Treatment for asthma patient

About patient

Patient: Chinese woman (20s)
Name of disease: Asthma

She requested to be examined the cause, receive a definitive diagnosis, and have treatment.
Because the period of her stay in Japan is limited, prior examination was conducted at Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital and provided diagnosis and prescription at Hospital N based on the result of examination.

Support of each institution

Kaikou International Healthcare

  • Gathered, organized, and translated the patient’s medical information.
  • Selected host medical institution and doctor, and recommended to the patient.
  • Provided the patient’s information to medical institution. Informed the patient of acceptability of hospital, treatment method, medical expenses, and treatment period.
  • Made an appointment for consultation and arranged the schedule.
  • Received medical expenses for advance payment.
  • Support for consultation as an assistant and medical interpretation during the stay in Japan.
  • Payment agent of medical expenses

Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital

  • Conducted prior examination directed by a doctor of N Hospital.

N Hospital

  • Provided diagnosis and medication by a specialized doctor based on the result of examination. She had reexamination one month later and follow-up continuously.


She couldn’t receive definitive diagnosis as asthma at the hospital in China.
She was satisfied that it was a meaningful visit because the cause of disease was clarified this time and she got how to deal with the disease in the future.