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Surgery for skull base meningiomas patient

About patient

Patient: Chinese woman (50s)

She didn’t undergo the surgery in China because she felt anxious about Chinese medical service and technology.
With a referral letter from a Chinese doctor, she had consultation at Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital.

Treatment schedule

May 26th
The patient arrived in Japan.
May 27th
First visit to the hospital/Consultation before the brain tumor surgery
May 28th
Preparation before the surgery and autologous blood transfusion
June 3rd
June 4th to 8th
Rehabilitation before the surgery (training for preventing of respiratory function decline and ADL decline)
June 9th
Craniotomy (09:00am to 01:00am on the next day)
After surgery to June 26th
Rehabilitation after the surgery
June 26th
The patient was discharged the hospital.
July 1st
The patient returned to China.


The tumor has been removed by the surgery. She was discharged the hospital without any aftereffects, so she could return to China safely.
Half a year after the surgery, she visited to Japan again for follow-up.

Neurological surgeon Dr.Tomio Sasaki (