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Exercise therapy and nutritional guidance for diabetic patients

About patient

Patient: Chinese man (30s)
Name of disease: Diabetes

It has been 6 months since he was diagnosed as diabetes. He used to inject insulin when he was hospitalized, but he has not injected regularly in his daily life by his self-judgement. He requested to change insulin to oral medication. He visited to our hospital to have medical consultation wanting to know whether the dietary restrictions by his self-study are proper or not and to get an opinion about proper exercise method from an expert. He was interested in exercise therapy at this time.

Support of each institution

Kaikou International Healthcare (KIH)

We asked him about his demand beforehand and proposed a program including not only medical interview and examination but also physical fitness test which is unfamiliar in China, exercise therapy, and nutritional guidance.
The program was conducted at Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital.

Treatment schedule

Come to Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital
Interview/blood test
Cardiopulmonary exercise test
High-precision body composition measurement (muscle mass/body fat mass)
Arteriosclerosis examination
Exercise instruction (Exercise instruction based on the test result)
Artificial carbonated bath therapy
Explanation about the result of examination from the doctor
Nutritional guidance (check dietary habits/calculate nutrition)
Payment/return home


It was found that he was prescribed an oral medicine at other hospital before he visited to our hospital. Firstly, we observed the blood sugar level after using the oral medicine. He was praised his nutritional management by the doctor and a nutritionist, and he was taught that he can take in a little more carbohydrate. From the result of physical fitness test, it was measured efficient heart rate and he was also taught about amount of exercise and exercise method.

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Examination program in Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital

Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital in cooperation with KIH, uses specialized equipment. They conduct cardiopulmonary exercise test, high-precision body composition measurement (muscle mass/body fat mass), and arteriosclerosis examination. By the examinations, the patients will be measured how much exercise is the most effective for them and how much activity is appropriate for them to spend daily life safely.
The hospital analyzes medically by the changes of cardiac, breath, blood pressure and subjective symptoms, and conduct exercise instruction.

What is cardiopulmonary exercise test?

It is a test to do exercise with electrocardiography, sphygmomanometer, and exhalation-gas mask on face while applying loads by bicycle ergometer.
Through the equipment, we can check the body reaction during exercising.

What we get through cardiopulmonary exercise test

①Assessment of ischemic heart disease (Does the cardiac take enough nutrients?)
②Assessment of arrhythmia (Does the cardiac pulse regularly? )
③Assessment of blood pressure response (Is there any excessive blood pressure fluctuation by exercising?)
Based on the above questions①-③, we propose a best-load exercise method for you.

We usually offer this program as result of diabetic detailed examination, but we can also offer only examination program or one-week dietary program.
If you are interested in our program, please contact us from the inquiry form.